January 26, 2007

Saving Africans and Indians

Paleface to the Rescue...Today, the movie-making moguls luuuurve and respect Natives because they are “progressive” folks who save their contempt for other White Americans. They would never, ever dis’ an Indian. In fact, they care. About the “plight” of Native America.

That’s why Hollywood is still saving Natives. Because they care. Want a recent example? What would've happened to poor ol’ Thunder Heart Woman if not for the kindly intervention of Jacob Wheeler in the 2005 miniseries, Into the West? Thank Gawwwd, Jacob cared. About her “plight.”

The miniseries Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, based on the book by Dee Brown, just completed filming and will air on HBO next year. It’s about the “plight” of Indians and boasts an all-star cast including August Schellenberg and Adam Beach. The star? Aidan Quinn.

Paleface to the rescue. Again.
Comment:  Thanks, Carole, for following up on the Tarzan article of a few days ago. You made the implicit link between African- and Native-themed movies explicit.


Rob said...

I believe I scanned this ad from the LA Times's movie section. I don't know if it was ever an official poster. But it kind of says it all, I think. The Indian as the white man's burden...literally.

Anonymous said...

Any way you look at it, the movie was a huge disappointment. I still don't know why Nicholas Cage was even in the movie, and why was his character having a romance with a nurse?
Unfortunately for the real code talkers they were cheated. This should have been their movie, their time to shine and in true Hollywood fashion this too was stolen from them.

Anonymous said...

Post Script: Oops! I forgot to sign off. Anonymouse