January 16, 2007

Racism against Indians part of a trend

The 10 biggest race and pop culture trends of 2006:  Part 2 of 3

Indians get mentioned in this item:4. The return of the white man’s burden

We also saw shades of White Man’s Burden in the resurgence of depictions of indigenous people as dumb savages. From the awful Bud Light Steve and Zagar ad campaign to the insulting Virgin Trains commercial with American Indians attacking the train, to Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto, the underlying message was that these savages needed to be saved from themselves.
And they could've been mentioned in this item as well:6. Racism on college campuses

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Utah_Navajo_Native said...

hell my name is ryan, and im a full-blooded utah navajo from montezuma creek, i think your blogs are thoughtful and reasonable.

there is a trend that extends to who native americans are as a people as well as people who arrogantly step side issue for native americans