July 10, 2007

Aboriginal Whitney/Celine

Fara Palmer has resurfaced!Fara Palmer is an Aboriginal woman of Cree/Saulteaux descent. As a child it was her dream to sing, and sing she did. An early musical highlight was when, at the age of 12, she sang at an outdoor concert with headliner Buffy Ste. Marie. Fara has often been dubbed a pop/R&B diva with a musical sound similar to that of Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. Her first two albums entitled "This Is My World" and "Prettybrown" were nominated for Canadian Juno Awards, as well as for Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. Both albums won in categories of "Best Song Of The Year" and "Female Artist Of The Year".

It is now 2007 and Fara has resurfaced with a new album entitled "Phoenix". The sound is Pop Eclectica, a term she created to describe music that is based in Pop but branches into soul, folk, R&B, rock, and dance. She dedicates this new album to her brother Gabriel, who was murdered in 2002. Fara chose to call the album Phoenix because of the symbolic nature of the Phoenix bird. When a Phoenix dies, it is engulfed in flames and is reborn through its ashes. Fara relates the grieving, recovering, and healing process that she and her family went through to the life cycle of the Phoenix. In a way, her family has risen from the ashes of the loss of their beloved Gabriel, and been reborn.

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