October 29, 2007

Lakota makes headdresses for Chiefettes

Chiefs' Look Is Carefully Crafted[Chiefettes advisor Stacy] Wrenn and Chiefettes parents went to the Wagon Wheel Flea Market and found Red Eagle, a 59-year-old Native American Indian from the Lakota Sioux tribe, and that's when Red Eagle's hands went to work on hundreds of white turkey feathers (yes there are white turkeys) and thousands of beads.

A few months later, 35 Chiefette color guard members, dancers and drum majors had 30 white feathers and 2,500 beads in each of their headdresses. In four floor-length versions, there were 90 feathers and 3,500 beads.
Comment:  Teenage girls pretending to be honored chiefs in revered feathered regalia...not too much of a violation of Native tradition here.

I suspect few if any tribes had female "chiefettes."

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