October 27, 2007

Seminoles in Asia

Hard Rock eyes casino, hotel venturesThe Seminole Tribe, of Florida, had announced in December its $965-million acquisition of the Orlando-based Hard Rock International and related entities from The Rank Group PLC.

Headquartered in Hollywood, Florida, the Seminole Native-American tribe--which takes pride in being unconquered by the US government despite three vicious wars in the 1800s--is an autonomous government, with at least 90 percent of its budget derived from gaming revenues.

Last March, tribe leaders announced that the acquisition would provide diversification of the Seminole’s business operations.

James Allen, chairman of Seminole Hard Rock Entertainment Inc., said in a separate interview Friday that company officials were on an eight-city tour of Asia in view of “tremendous growth and opportunities in the hotel business” in the region.
Native American tribe set to rock S'poreFace paint, feathers and bows and arrows.

Ask some Singaporeans about Native Americans and that's how they'll describe them, no thanks to the movies.

Well, all that is about to change.

The Seminole Tribe from Florida, together with HPL Hotels & Resorts, has big plans for Sentosa.

They plan to build a Hard Rock hotel there.
Comment:  Gee, I wonder where the Singaporeans got the idea that Indians mean face paint, feathers, bows and arrows. Perhaps from watching Florida State University's Seminoles and their face-painted mascot.

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