October 25, 2007

Native women Wi$e Up

Local women Wi$e Up to financial literacyIn celebration of the 13 women who reached their next plateau of success by completing the Wi$e Up Financial Literacy Course, family and friends as well as Department of Labor Women's Bureau (DOLWB) administrators gathered Oct. 15 at the Coconino County Administration Building.

"This is a segment of 'empowering' Native American women!" Wi$e Up instructor Holly Figueroa (Hopi) said. "Being able to give these women the tools and the confidence they need to be financially savvy is awesome! These women will be able to make knowledgeable financial decisions that affect not only themselves, but their families or their future families. For example, living and working in Flagstaff, saving for college, buying a car or truck or even buying a home. Financial literacy is an important part of being able to balance a Native American life and an urban life or life in general."

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