October 20, 2007

The new Jim Thorpe

OU quarterback brings memories of Jim Thorpe[A]s an Indian playing the highest-profile position in this sport-crazed state, Bradford is like no one else.

He is a living, breathing Jim Thorpe.

Bradford shrugs off the attention, but he also knows he holds a unique place in American Indian hearts. Regardless of their tribe, they are proclaiming Bradford as one of their own. His performances are celebrated by Indians young and old, even chronicled on Indian Web sites. It wasn't so long ago people doubted he'd still be the starter after seven games. Now, his stardom is skyrocketing.

Bradford's success is a people's pride.

"I'm glad he's Native American,” said Beaver, who is Choctaw and Creek. "I really hadn't ever seen any high-profile Native American athletes since, like, Jim Thorpe.”

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Well, Bradford didn't play all that well today (Saturday the 20th) against Iowa State, one of the weaker teams in the Big 12 South. At halftime, the score was IS 7, OU 0. BUT -- in the first two minutes of the second half, OU scored. In the first two minutes of the fourth quarter, OU scored, bring the game finally to an end score of OU 17, IS 7, having held their opponents scoreless from the first quarter forward. OU was ranked 5 in the BCS poll and their performance today may just let them stay at that rating, or maybe even fall. There was some 'Sooner Magic,' however, when the football was intercepted from Iowa State in the end zone late in the fourth quarter just when IS was about to score a touchdown. Then OU sat on the ball, killed the clock, and won by ten points. Bradford's poorest performance happened in that game and writerfella thinks the boy needs a very heavy talking-to!
All Best
Russ Bates