July 29, 2008

Lakotah won't use nonexistent power

Russell Means:  Lakotah grand jury will not indict

Republic of Lakota will spend one year gathering evidence.Means said the grand juries will be small and will go from community to community, beginning on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, to hear testimony.

"This investigation is going to take a year or more to gather all the evidence to substantiate our charges of genocide against the United States of America," Means said.

Means said the grand jury will not issue indictments.

"We are a peaceful, non-confrontational republic," he said. "We don't attempt to use police power to brutalize anyone, either physically or mentally."
Comment:  In related news, the Republic of Lakotah also won't nuke anyone, invade another country, tax its "citizens," build roads or dams, or collect the garbage. It won't do anything that a normal country might do. This "republic" is literally all talk.

Not only does the Republic of Lakotah avoid using police power, it doesn't have any police or power. It couldn't confront anyone if it wanted to. Unless you count Russell Means berating people with a megaphone as a confrontation, that is.

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dmarks said...

"Unless Russell Means berating people with a megaphone counts as a confrontation, that is."

Don't diss the Republic of Dakotah Ministry of Information....