July 25, 2008

NMAI's contemporary music CD

National Museum of American Indian Releases Its First CD Compilation of Contemporary Native MusicIn honor of the Indian Summer Showcase’s third season, the museum releases its first CD compilation of live music from renowned Native artists. The new recording, “Sounds of Indian Summer: Contemporary Native Music from the National Museum of the American Indian,” features award-winning musicians Joanne Shenandoah (Oneida) and George Leach (Sta’atl’imx), as well as new rock ‘n’ roll sensations The Reddmen from South Dakota, DiggingRoots from Canada and The Plateros from New Mexico, among many others.

“The music here will not only make you want to dance—it will inspire you to re-think the very definition of Native music,” said museum director Kevin Gover (Pawnee/Comanche). “The album brings together the traditional and contemporary in a way that will demonstrate to listeners the astonishing creative ability of so many of today’s Native artists.”


Anonymous said...

Any ieea on when/where copies will be available?

Rob said...

I imagine the CDs are available now or will be available soon. As for where, I imagine the NMAI has an online store.