December 26, 2008

Offensive "Indian" in Bedtime Stories

Sandler and no script make this a nightmareAdam Sandler plays a hotel handyman who discovers that elements of the bedtime stories he tells his niece and nephew are coming true the following day, and decides to use this gift to get his dream job.

Director Adam Shankman should stick to musicals like Hairspray, a format that allows him to take the action over the top without looking stupid. But Shankman didn't make this mess on his own. Sandler, for example, makes room in the movie for buddy Rob Schneider, whose portrayal of a American Indian is the most offensive since F Troop was on the air in the 1960s.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see The Best Indian Movies.


al oof said...

can rob schneider play a role that isn't offensive? he's the go to offensive character actor.

Rob said...

Correspondent Susan wrote:

It almost seemed like it was making fun of the stereotype. Sort of like the New Yorker cover that showed the Obamas as terrorists.

My response:

Many people try to walk that line, but few do it successfully. They always claim they're trying to satirize the stereotypes, but they usually end up satirizing the Indians instead.

Anonymous said...

Great movie! Very funny. "My ancestors believed horse spirit come down from mountain during time of fire wind. Many brave warrior walk trail of moon bear." I'm still LMAO at that. If they really wanted to offend Indians he could have been a casino running alcoholic. I’m from Louisiana and his portrayal of “Cajuns” was very degrading but I understand that it is comedy and I laughed at it. My advice is light up the peace pipe and chill!

Anonymous said...

I can not believe these comments. Do any of you have American Indian children? As adults we can chill, smoke a peace pipe and laugh it off but children may not know how to see other than him making fun of "them" as American Indians. I am no longer a fan of Rob or Adam becuase they crossed the line and it affected my 8 yr old daughter. Walt Disney made a mistake by marketing the movie towards adults and CHILDREN.Are we in the 1950's or 2009?