December 15, 2008

Station apologizes for "hoes" remark

The T-Man has gone too far too oftenAfter initially bungling its mea culpa, KUBE stepped up, offering a genuine on-air apology. Then, it followed up with more "decisive, corrective action" that satisfied the tribe, a spokesman for the Tulalips said Monday. The executive director of the state's Human Rights Commission was pleased as well.

KUBE has offered to run 100 public service announcements in support of ending violence against Native American women--and women in general--and promises to air a one-hour community affairs program celebrating Native American cultural heritage.

The shock jock, publicly shamed and contrite, can now use his pulpit to be part of the solution, through the public service announcements and his show.

Four minutes of on-air ignorance will yield more than two hours of on-air enlightenment about Native Americans. That's a good turn.

But if the T-Man slips again--there's the door.
Comment:  For more on the original offense, see "All Native Women Are Hoes."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Almost all of the people who listen to programs like this (throughout the country) are basically ignorant, illiterate or at best semi-literate, slobs who think that there is genuine humor to be found in denigrating others (mainly people who do not fall within their demographic profile).

The Tulalip tribe should have pulled their advertising (some two million dollars a year) from this station to allow this asshole an opportunity to find something funny about that.