September 12, 2012

"Decision 2012: Silverbacks or Chiefs"

Silverbacks Turning to Fans To Decide Team Name

Decision 2012 campaign will run through U.S. Presidential Election DayThe Atlanta Silverbacks are taking their next big decision to the people. The organization announced Tuesday the launch of their “Decision 2012: Silverbacks or Chiefs” campaign, which will give their fans and others in the community the opportunity to decide the team’s name for the future.

The unique campaign will feature three voting options: keep the current team name, bring back the name of the city’s first ever professional team, the Atlanta Chiefs, or write in a team name of their own.

“Being community and fan-oriented is very important to our organization,” said Silverbacks Chairman Boris Jerkunica. “We want the community to have a stake in where we’re going as a club, so we’re excited to give them a voice and let them be a part of a decision that fans normally wouldn’t be able to make.”
Some background:About the Chiefs

Founded in 1967
Original members of the North American Soccer League (NASL)
Won the inaugural NASL Championship in 1968
Phil Woosnam, the first Chiefs head coach, became NASL Commissioner and U.S. Men’s National Team Head Coach in 1968
Played games at Fulton County Stadium
Ted Turner is a former Chiefs Co-Owner.

Comment:  This Plains chief image has nothing to do with any Indian within a thousand miles of Atlanta, of course. It's a pure stereotype.

Mascot lovers are really pushing back against the loss of their racist stereotypical security blankets. I guess things like white power tradition die hard.

These people still refuse to give up their "Fighting Sioux" mascot, although they'll need a Supreme Court miracle to keep it. Moreover, they're trying to bring back other stereotypical mascots:

EMU revives Hurons logo
Hockey team chooses "Tomahawks" name

It's amazing that in 2012, the NASL doesn't know or care about the Indian mascot controversy. It's the same mentality you see in the typical case of hipster racism. "We're white and in charge of the world. We'll decide what's right or wrong, not you."

For more on Indian mascots, see Syracuse Mascot in The Express and Even Sioux Voted Against "Fighting Sioux."

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dmarks said...

As someone who grew up thinking "fire chief" as well as Native Americans when I heard the word "chief", I think.the obvious answer is that if they must bring back the "Chiefs" name, bring it back but with a fire chief helmet logo. The mascot form would be a dalmatian with a fire helmet. That nullifies the problem.