September 24, 2012

License plate for Plymouth's 400th anniversary

Plymouth pushing license plate commemorating town’s 400th anniversary

By Emily SweeneyPlans are underway to produce a special license plate commemorating Plymouth’s 400th anniversary.

The limited edition plate design features a light-blue image of the Mayflower ship encapsulating a solid white silhouette of a Native American man. Along the bottom of the plate reads the simple slogan: “1620 Plymouth 2020.”

The organizers of Plymouth’s 400th-birthday celebration hope to get that logo and slogan on the bumpers of 3,000 vehicles over the next two years.

They will cost $40 apiece, and $28 from each plate fee will go toward funding the town’s 400th-anniversary celebration in 2020.
Comment:  It was smart of them to include an Indian in the design. Without one, there might've been a protest over a plate that seemed to celebrate colonization.

For more on the subject, see "6 Ridiculous Lies" About Indians and Thanksgiving in This Is America, Charlie Brown.

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