June 22, 2006

Gumby does Hopi

Gumby and Pokey Early CartoonsRain Spirits

While Gumby and Pokey are swimming one day, a misplaced Hopi falls out of the sky, inquiring about rain spirits. They lead him back to his book, where they plant corn and Pokey is butted by a goat for not believing in rain spirits. They all go out and watch the Kachinas wander around the sky for a bit before Sky King Kachina meets Rain Cloud Kachina so that Corn Maiden Kachina can make the corn come up strong and sweet, which pleases the little Hopi, since now he doesn't have to starve.

The Kachinas

Taking place somewhere between the huge time gaps in Rain Spirits, this story begins with Gumby, Pokey, and the little Hopi walking straight up a sheer cliff to visit the Kachinas and beg them for rain. They concede, but on one condition: they must lay their first ear of corn on a high rock. We go through the corn growing footage again, only this time the Hopi takes an ear of corn and walks straight up a sheer cliff to set it on the high rock. Gumby and Pokey help harvest the corn, then they go and play in the Hopi's swimming pool. Pokey gets knocked in by the goat and Goat Spanking Kachina gives him a severe beating for his disobediance.


Rob said...

Here's a video of Gumby in Rain Spirits.

Rob said...

For more on the subject, see Gumby's Indian Episodes.

bigg3469 said...

Goat Spanking Kachina was also known as Whipper Kachina.