June 15, 2006

Indians take to the tube

Red Nation Web Television launches with a few glitchesA 24-hour Native cable TV network has been a decade-long dream of Joanelle Romero. And without the help of any television executives--just her friends and supporters--Romero launched the Red Nation Web Television Channel on May 1.

Born of Apache, Cheyenne and Jewish descent, Romero said she has received more than 200 entries for the network from Native filmmakers, actors and producers, and various entities to shape its around-the-clock programming of films, music videos, music specials, documentaries, pilots and drama series.

[T]he channel will feature the first Native drama series in the United States: "Home, Home on the Rez," starring Romero, Larry Sellers, Elaine Miles, Elizabeth Sage and Conroy Chino. Romero said the series is about a Native female attorney who leaves her big-time city job to return to her reservation to help children and teens in crisis.
For more information, visit Red Nation.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder what she thought of that scene in Blazing Saddles with Mel Brooks as the Yiddish speaking Indian Chief?