June 22, 2006

An old-time Indian cartoon

The Adventures of Pow Wow, the Indian BoyThe Adventures of Pow Wow first appeared from January 30, 1949 through March 13, 1949 as a very limited-animation local 15 minute Sunday morning program on New York's WNBT-TV. It reappeared in 1956 as a series of 39 five minute black and white films on CBS-TV's Captain Kangaroo show. Pow Wow was syndicated by Screen Gems to the eleven western U.S. states which did not air Captain Kangaroo at the time.

Based on Indian folklore, the fables included "How the Fox Got His White-Tipped Tale", "Pow Wow and the Stork", "How the Rabbit Got His Hop", "Pow Wow and Playing Possum", and "How the Turtle Got His Shell". The series left Captain Kangaroo's show in early 1958 and was syndicated beginning in May, 1958 as filler for local kid shows.


Anonymous said...

Are these cartoons available on VHS or DVD? If not, they should be.

Rob said...

Judging by a quick search on Amazon, no.