February 07, 2007

Dragging dead dad

'Four Sheets to the Wind' receives rave reviews[Sterlin] Harjo said he wanted to tell a story about a guy who died but was always part of the story. “Four Sheets” stars Cree actor Cody Lightning as Cufe Smallhill, the young man in the opening scene who is dragging his father, Frankie, along an Oklahoma dirt road. After Cufe finds his father dead from an overdose of prescription pills, he fulfills his father's wishes without hesitation by putting his body in the family's pond near their home. Cufe sinks his father's body to the bottom of the pond, where he can rest in peace.

The aftermath of his father's death affects Cufe in ways that he does not understand; he feels empty and alone. But it is these emotions that drove him to leave his Indian town and head to the big city, where he could discover who he was and who he wanted to be.

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