February 06, 2007

The passing of giants

Two Influential Giants Pass From Scene In Indian CountryIndian Country USA and indigenous people around the world suffered a double blow within the thirteen months between November 13, 2005 and December 12, 2006, with the passings of first Vine Deloria Jr. and then John Mohawk. Each was a rock of advocacy for native peoples as well as a tower of intellect amidst mainstream scholars.

Through their personal action and copious writings, Deloria and Mohawk helped to articulate and advance into the mainstream a worldview that has reinvigorated its heirs while becoming increasingly relevant for all societies.


Rob said...

Some copy editor probably added the "Pencil warriors" subheading. I wouldn't read too much into it.

I think we're all trying to praise Native stars now to inspire and encourage them. Adam Beach, Arigon Star, Robbie Robertson...even you, Russ.

Rob said...

I guess the Chickasaw and Kickapoo tribes are too far away to honor you also? ;-)

If you went to a Star Trek or sci-fi convention, as you apparently did, I bet people would honor you.

Maybe you should contact the people at the San Diego Comic-Con. If you worked on Battlestar Galactica and The Night Stalker as well as ST, they might deem you enough of a celebrity. You could have a booth in Autograph Alley and regale fans with tales of Roddenberry, Coon, and Fontana.

Rob said...

Okay, you've been to other conventions, but San Diego is the big one. I may be there in July too, so perhaps we can meet.

Rob said...

I don't think they serve beer at the Con, but okay.