February 10, 2007

Tyra Banks on self-hatred

This week on The Tyra Banks Show:

Monday, February 5th

"Focus on Race:  I Hate My Own Race"
Imagine being so disgusted with your race, you wish you could change the color of your skin. In our ongoing series, “Focus on Race,” Tyra hears disturbing and painful stories from people who hate their own race. The goal of this show is to help them begin to heal. They participate in a social experiment in which a person sits behind two-way glass as he or she looks at several people from his or her own race. Those people could not see that person, but they were able to hear him or her. The person shared their inflammatory beliefs about his or her own race. Then back in the studio, all parties are present and it is revealed that the person who made all the hateful statements was a member of the same race! Tyra speaks with a Native American woman who feels her race is full of lazy people without drive, two Caucasians who wish they could be any race but white, and an African-American man who hates his race so much he doesn’t even know why they exist! With help from a celebrity makeup artist, he is transformed to look like a Caucasian for a day to see if his life changes. Find out what makes him cry when he has to take off the “white” makeup. Dr. Michael Dyson, author of the book “Debating Races,” offers insight about this thought provoking subject.

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