October 05, 2008

The 2008 NAMMY winners

Congratulations to Native American Music Award Winners 2008Two of the top winners, each capturing double awards, Blackfire and Native Roots, also deserve an award in the "keeping it real" category for their enduring efforts for international human rights, Indigenous sovereignty and the preservation of Native culture.

Blackfire's Klee, Clayson and Jeneda Benally, with their father Jones Benally, have upheld the standard of no compromise in the fight for dignity and human rights for Indigenous Peoples around the world. From their home in Flagstaff, Arizona, with the foundation of their father's homeland in Big Mountain on the Navajo Nation, Blackfire has established a new standard for Native American youths and resistance to colonization.

Blackfire's "(Silence) is a Weapon" captured the Best Record Award for 2008 and the Native Heart Award, with recognition for producer Ed Stasium.

Native Roots, awarded Group of the Year and Best World Recording, is based in Albuquerque. Native Roots has carried this unique reggae, traditional and folk mix of sounds from the Pueblos to the Maori in New Zealand, always inspiring hope and celebrating the beauty of Indigenous cultures.
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