October 08, 2008

Weaving via web cams

Weaving cultures

Pojoaque residents and members of the Guaraní tribe in Brazil will meet face to face over the airwavesSix years ago, well-known artist Roxanne Swentzell, Poeh Cultural Center's Arts Training Coordinator Phil Karshis and Pojoaque Pueblo Gov. George Rivera took a trip to Brazil to share their culture with the Guaraní tribe of Rio de Janeiro.

Last year, both parties scrounged together some technology, Web cams, computers, so that they could see each other, and had some live chats.

Karshis said that they're doing that "crazy, funny" thing again this year, only the Guaraní have stepped up the technology on their end. A television station in Rio de Janeiro has sponsored them and will be streaming the whole interaction live on TV.

Four Northern New Mexico artists will be showing the Guaraní their art while the Guaraní artists will reciprocate. Swentzell, Michele Tapia-Browning of Pojoaque, Mary Lou Olivas of Isleta del Sur and Joan Coriz of Santo Domingo Pueblo will be live on TV in Brazil.

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