November 16, 2009

Jacob Barbie

Move over, Edward and Bella Barbie:  Here Comes 'Twilight' Jacob

By Allyssa LeeHot on the heels of the Edward and Bella dolls comes the third part of the 'Twilight' love triangle: the Jacob Black Barbie. And judging by this image, the toymakers clearly zeroed in on the werewolf's selling points--Taylor Lautner's finely-chiseled 'New Moon' abs and unthreateningly hot face.

Other than that, the shape-shifter is clad in just cut-off jean shorts and some sneakers, sans socks. Guess a full outfit would probably be restricting to a werewolf (clothes so get in the way of a transformation--not to mention that hard-earned 8-pack).
Comment:  For a discussion of Jacob's shirtlessness, see Why New Moon's Werewolves Go Shirtless. For more on the subject, see Wolf Pack Shows Savage Side and Quileute Werewolves in Twilight.


dmarks said...

Can't Ed Norton at least lend them some of those greatly expanding purple Hulk pants?

Carrie Mesrobian said...

I teach a class on Twilight and writing (based on Stephen King's assertion that "you can learn a lot from bad writing") and we just been discussing the portrayal of the Quileutes (plus the mocked-up lore created by SM) in class. I have to tell you I've found little critique on Quiluetes besides you and I really appreciate your voice. Thank you!

Carrie Mesrobian said...

That is to say, "little critique on the portrayal of the Quileutes by Stephenie Meyer"