November 24, 2009

Native signs on Santa Barbara buses

A Facebook posting by Corinne Fairbanks:

Warm Fuzzies Signs you will see on Santa Barbara City buses FROM AIM SBHi everybody!

Had to share this work of art with all of you....

Have you seen any Santa Barbara MTD bus signs lately?

Be SURE TO HONK when you see them!

Hey wouldn't it be cool if we could do this NATION WIDE next year?

we plan to do this again next year, if your in our area, send in a nomination for a local Native hero-

HAPPY NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH to all of you and your families,
from everyone at AIM SB

AIM SB Design by Rebecca Burns

Special thanks to the Fund for Santa Barbara
Comment:  If you can't read it, here's what the poster says:We Are the First Americans of this Great Land
Celebrating and Respecting Native American Culture

Jim Thorpe

Sac and Fox
All Star Athlete
Olympic Medalist

Maria Tallchief

1st American Prima Ballerina

Winona Laduke


Lori Piestewa

U.S. Army Master Corps

Oren Lyons

Chief of the Onondaga Nation

Not Your Mascot
Comment:  This seems like a reasonably effective sign. The only thing I question is making the pictures and print so small. It reads well on a stationary screen, but can people read it on a moving bus?

For more promotional campaigns, see "Think Indian" College Campaign and's Jim Thorpe Billboard.

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