November 26, 2009

Quileute quiz for Twilight fans

Twilight and New Moon fans: How well do you know the Quileute tribe? Test your knowledge of the real Quileute Indians depicted in Stephenie Meyer's books.

1) Quileute legends are collectively called:

a) Raven tales
b) Wolf tales
c) Coyote tales

2) The Quileute chief who signed the Treaty of Olympia was:

a) Goyathlay
b) Taha Aki
c) How-yatl

3) The Quileute traditionally lived in:

a) Houses
b) Wigwams
c) The forest

4) The Quileute are ruled by:

a) A constitutional government
b) A group of wolf clans
c) A chief chosen for his wisdom

5) The Quileute were primarily known as:

a) Whalers
b) Hunters
c) Mystics

6) How does the Quileute tribe generate its income?

a) A casino
b) Tourist facilities
c) N/A--The tribe doesn't own any businesses

7) The Quileute "potlatch" is a:

a) Whaling canoe
b) Covered container
c) Giveaway ceremony

8) When the Quileute speak of their "wolf origin," they mean:

a) A she-wolf raised a pair of Quileute twins
b) The Quileute merged their spirits with wolves
c) A wolf was turned into the first Quileute

9) The Quileute are known for making:

a) Wolf-fur cloaks
b) Dog-hair blankets
c) Bearskin rugs

10) "A-Ka-Lat" is the Quileute name for:

a) The Great Spirit
b) James Island
c) The Quileute people

I don't want people posting guesses or clues in the comments section. E-mail your answers to me and I'll tell you how you did.

Facebook users can take the quiz here.

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