November 28, 2009

Online radio for Native hip hop

ThunderCloud Radio joins latest online radio worldHome of “HU-HAA HITZ” ThunderCloud Radio is a nonprofit online radio creating a landmark for Native hip hop, aimed at reaching each reservation, village and metropolitan tribal audience by “rep’n and installing pride in their local music artist, and leaving a message in our underwrites that will imprint in the minds our young adults who are our future leaders, with directives concerning healing and personal growth.”

ThunderCloud Radio consists of a three-member partnership, DJ “Dan Da Man,” Pamela Rae and DJ “Big Bad.” We set out to pioneer new territory and build an online location for all indigenous hip hop and R&B to reside at.

The goal is to give Native hip hop and R&B a voice while joint venturing with Native organizations that render an alcohol abuse prevention, school drop out prevention, suicide hot lines, and Native college aspirations; in essence to give young Natives a direction. “Rap is a youth market, we aim to provide repetition of .org’s in an underwrite format to give our indigenous loved ones a point of providence,” said “Big Bad.”

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