July 29, 2014

Nugent: Tribe is "weak & stupid"

Ted Nugent: Native American Tribe That Canceled Concert is ‘Weak and Stupid’

By Allen CliftonNugent finally did deliver some choice words about the Native American tribe that canceled his concert.

The exchange happened last night when one of his fans left a comment on his Facebook page, saying, “Guess you pissed off the tribe in cda Idaho ….. too bad,,,, would love to see Ted in the panhandle. ….”

And wouldn’t you know it, Ted Nugent was kind enough to reply to this fan, saying, “they were weak & stupid to fall for the lies. they will learn sooner or later. I forgive them.”

I guess in Nugent’s mind it’s okay to call a Native American tribe “weak & stupid” as long as you end that statement with “I forgive them.”

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