July 23, 2014

Tribes drop Nugent over racism

The following news item caused a flurry of activity:

CdA Tribe Books Controversial NugentThe Coeur d’Alene Tribe of American Indians—itself a target of a recent racism—has booked racist rocker Ted Nugent for a public concert next month at the tribe’s landmark North Idaho casino. The decision is stirring controversy for a tribe that has proudly involved itself in human rights causes and contributed thousands to fight racism. Nugent sometimes wears an Indian headdress on stage, coming close to ridiculing American Indian culture, and mocks those campaigning to change names of sports teams that use words like Redskins and Savages. The legendary rocker, who also is on the board of the National Rifle Association, has a “long history of racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, animus towards immigrants, and propensity to use violence-tinged language,” Media Matters reported earlier this year. That came after Nugent called President Obama a “subhuman mongrel” and referred to him as a “chimpanzee”/Bill Morlin, SPLC HateWatch.The invitation didn't last long once it was publicized:

Idaho Indian Tribe Drops Ted Nugent Citing Rocker’s Racist Legacy

By Bill MorlinLess than seven hours after being asked about the racist legacy of rock entertainer Ted Nugent, the Coeur d’Alene Tribe of American Indians this evening cancelled a scheduled performance next month by the controversial performer.

Tribal officials sounded completely caught off-guard earlier in the day when Hatewatch called and asked why the tribe–with a sterling record of combating hate and standing up for equal rights–had booked Nugent.

Heather Keen, the public relations director for the tribe, announced the decision that Nugent’s scheduled for Aug.4 was being abruptly cancelled.

“Nugent’s history of racist and hate-filled remarks was brought to Tribal Council’s attention earlier today” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Keen said in a statement e-mailed to media outlets.

“The Coeur d’Alene Tribe has always been about human rights–for decades, we have worked individually and as a Tribe to make sure that each and every person is treated equally and with respect and dignity,” the statement said.
Native American Tribe Cancels Ted Nugent Concert Over Unbelievable Racism

By John PragerA Native American tribe, which had booked Nugent at a casino, says it was not thinking about Nugent’s bigotry when the booking was made. “Unfortunately, when we booked him, we were looking at him from an entertainment perspective, as an 80s rock ‘n roller, who we thought folks might enjoy,” Laura Stensegar, executive director of marketing for the Coeur d’Alene Tribe’s Cour d’Alene Casino, said.“We take the comments and concerns of our community very seriously and we apologize to anyone who was offended by the idea that we would promote these kinds of attitudes. We will do our best to avoid such mistakes moving forward.”

“We adamantly do not want our casino to be used as a venue for the racist attitudes and views that Ted Nugent espouses,” Stensgar said.

Chief Allan, Chairman of the tribe, said “We know what it’s like to be the target of hateful messages and we would never want perpetuate hate in any way,” in a one-sentence statement.

Heather Keen, the public relations director for the tribe, told Hatewatch that, “Nugent’s history of racist and hate-filled remarks was brought to Tribal Council’s attention earlier today” by numerous outlets. “The Coeur d’Alene Tribe has always been about human rights–for decades, we have worked individually and as a Tribe to make sure that each and every person is treated equally and with respect and dignity.”

Poopy Pants dislikes "unclean vermin"

Naturally, Nugent didn't appreciate being canned:

Ted Nugent lashes out at ‘unclean vermin’ after Idaho Native American tribe cancels his concert

By David EdwardsConservative rocker Ted Nugent on Tuesday responded to the news that an Idaho Native American tribe had canceled one of his upcoming concerts by lashing out at the “unclean vermin” who made it happen.

“The Motor City Madman” had been schedule to perform for Coeur D’Alene Casino in Worley, Idaho on Aug. 4 until the Southern Poverty Law Center caught tribal officials by asking for a comment on Monday. Later that day, the performance had been canceled.

“I take it as a badge of honor that such unclean vermin are upset by me and my positive energy,” Nugent told Gannett Wisconsin Media on Tuesday. Put your heart and soul into everything you do and nobody can stop you. Sometimes you give the world the best you got and you get kicked in the teeth. Give the world the best you got anyway.”

“By all indicators, I don’t think they actually qualify as people, but there has always been a lunatic fringe of hateful, rotten, dishonest people that hate happy, successful people,” he continued. “I believe raising hell and demanding accountability from our elected employees is Job One for every American. I am simply doing my job.”
Nugent: His Haters Are 'Unclean Vermin' Who 'Don't Qualify as People'Natives and others offended by Nugent's comments have taken to the rocker's Facebook page and are giving him an earful:

"I'm Native American. I listened to your music in high school. I've seen you in concert many times. My son, who was five at the time, and I met you at the Traditional Bowhunters Show twelve years ago in Kalamazoo, MI. You bent down to talk to him and gave him a pick. I am very offended and am so disappointed in you --- I'm one of those 'unclean varmin' you spoke of. I will no longer attend your shows, or listen to your music. I'm sure my son, who is now 17, will be disappointed in you as well since you've been an influence when it comes to playing guitar and hunting."

"If this page is something that Mr. Ted Nugent can read, I would say to your face that if all of the stupid quotes attributed to you actually came from your mouth, that it should be stapled shut. Children don't need another example of how ignorant, hateful, vain, and reprehensible adult citizens of this country can be...play your music, but leave out your half-baked commentary."

"Ted should just play guitar and sing. Leave his personal political views to himself. He also needs to remove that tacky, cheap warbonnet replica that he wears during his shows. The warbonnet is a very spiritual part of our culture where the privilege to wear it is earned. It is offensive when a person outside of our culture wears one ... disrespects it. Our culture is not a costume."
Ted Nugent fires back at 'vermin' who want Oshkosh show canceled

Start of a trend?

Other tribal gaming enterprises are starting to join in:

Tacoma casino cancels Nugent shows, citing racismEmerald Queen Casino will cancel two Ted Nugent concerts that were scheduled August 2 and 3 over allegations of racist remarks by the singer.

Puyallup Tribe officials said the decision came after learning that Nugent has said racist remarks.

"The first amendment gives people the right free speech, but I think racism is intolerable and not acceptable here," said Puyallup Tribal Council Vice President Lawrence W. LaPointe. "We’ve been getting lots of complaints from the community and other organizations."

"I don’t want to take away his right to say what he wants to say, but we don’t need it here."
Ted Nugent’s Upcoming Shows at American Indian Casino Face Scrutiny after Idaho Cancellation

By Bill Morlin“[The] decision by the Coeur d’Alene suggests Nugent may need to double-check his standing in Indian country,” the Indian Country piece said.

Devin Burghart, the Seattle-based Vice President of the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights (IREHR), applauded “the courageous decision by the Coeur d’Alene Tribe to cancel” the performance. He said his group was encouraging “all other venues to follow the lead of the Coeur d’Alene Tribe and think twice about allowing Mr. Nugent to use their stages to promote his snarling brand of hatred and bigotry.”

But Burghart stressed that the “burden of addressing racism and bigotry shouldn’t fall onto the tribes.” He said it falls on everyone, “particularly the white fans of Mr. Nugent and the many predominantly white-owned venues where he is scheduled to perform” to challenge his racism.
Yep, he's a racist

Ted Nugent’s most-enduring record a monotone of racism and hatred

By Shawn VestalHe compared his hometown of Detroit to “Return of the Planet of the Apes.” He said Barbara Boxer “might want to suck on my machine gun.” Nugent has called Hillary Clinton names I can’t print here. He once said, when asked if he knew any hard-working black Americans, “Show me one. Show me one.” He called rappers “big uneducated greasy black mongrels.”

His record of bigotry is so vast–and so frequently given a media microphone–that it was surprising to hear the Coeur d’Alenes had booked him. If nothing else, there was a clear failure to Google. But the tribe and casino corrected course quickly, and they’re putting their money behind it: they’re refunding ticket buyers’ money. The tribe will also presumably have to pay a fee for the cancellation, though that’s still being worked out, a tribal spokeswoman said.

Perhaps the cable news channels could follow the tribe’s lead and uninvite The Nuge now and then. No one who is so bigoted consistently gets such a large and approving public megaphone, and though Nugent–like all good self-pitying zealots–considers himself a media victim, the truth is that he gets an enormous amount of more or less respectful coverage because he’s such good copy.
Comment:  Most of the articles didn't mention Nugent's wearing of a Plains headdress in his concert. That alone shows how ignorant and dismissive he is of Indians.

Anyway, let's hope this is the start of a trend. Nugent may have played his last concert at an Indian casino.

For more on Ted Nugent, see Nugent "Tomahawk Chops" Mascot Critics and Nugent's Implied Death Threat.

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