October 20, 2015

Captain America is a liberal

Fox News Goes Ballistic Over The New Black, Anti-Racist Captain America (Video)

By Tasha DavisYou know Fox News has stooped pretty low when they start going off on superheroes.

Captain America has really pissed conservatives off, but the reason why is f*cking hilarious.

A recent plot-line of the comic book has Captain America on a new mission, a mission against a group of White Supremacists called, Sons of the Serpent.

Only a Republican would get upset over a superhero fighting white racism, because duh, we all know white supremacy is code-word for Republican.
And:Childers also, very ignorantly, said:

“Keep politics out of comic books.”

That Childers person should start doing some research on the subject on which they are about to speak, before words come out of that mouth. Because duh, Captain AMERICA is a political hero and always has been.

More on Captain America's politics:

Sorry, Fox News: Captain America has long been a liberal, anti-nationalist character

Conservatives are throwing a fit because Captain America opposes nationalism. Which is what he's always done.

By Amanda Marcotte
There’s no surer evidence that conservative media coasts on exploiting the ignorance of its audience (and in many cases, the willful ignorance of its pundits) than the hissyfit being thrown over the first issue of a new run of Captain America comics.

In the issue, Sam Wilson, a character who used to be called Falcon and who took over the mantle of Captain America after Steve Rogers became too old to handle the duty any longer, has been on the outs from various intelligence agencies, which he believes have grown corrupt from what is essentially a comic version of the “war on terror.” He also helps out undocumented immigrants that are being plagued by white supremacists. Oh yeah, and he’s black, something white conservatives know better than to be openly angry about but Allen West will go ahead and get angry over for them.

Breitbart, Daily Caller, and Fox News all threw utterly fact-free temper tantrums over this new development, whining that Captain America’s progressivism is somehow new and different and that his stance against racist conservatives is somehow a new development for the character. “Instead of going against Hydra and the typical Captain America villains,” supposed comics expert Clayton Morris said (after incorrectly claiming comic sales are down when, in fact, they are rising), “he’s going up against conservatives! That’s his new enemy!”

What is bizarre about this rant is that it depends on an audience who not only hasn’t ever read the Captain America comic, but has never seen either of the blockbuster pictures starring Chris Evans. If you had, you would remember that Hydra, the fictional enemy of the Captain, was started by Nazis to spread the joys of fascism around the world. In other words, Captain America’s enemies have always been nationalists intent on stomping out anyone they see as untermensch.
And:[I]t’s just exploiting audience ignorance to argue that Captain America’s progressivism is “new” or a “change.” Again, if you’ve seen the movies, you can see the flaw in that. The first movie is an allegory about how strength is useless without the liberal value of protecting the vulnerable behind it. The second movie is overtly political, a story that openly suggests that the “war on terror” is becoming indistinguishable from fascism.

The Steve Rogers from the movies is unmistakably liberal: Anti-racist, a lover of independent women, and a man who believes that the best patriot is one who questions his government instead of blindly follows orders. This characterization is consistent with the canonical Steve Rogers of the comic books, who has long been an icon of progressive patriotism, a believer that fighting for America should only be done if America defends its own liberal values.

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