October 29, 2015

The origin of Captain Paiute

Origin Stories: Theo Tso, Creator of Captain Paiute: Indigenous Defender of the Southwest

By Johnnie Jae“I saw that there was a need for a superhero that was Native American, who would deal with Native issues coming on and off the various reservations of the southwest.”

Thus, Captain Paiute was born.

But after bringing his creation into being, Theo put him away for “a rainy day” as he continued his quest to draw and work for major comic houses, like DC and Marvel. As chance would have it, one of Theo’s friends attended the San Diego Comic Con and returned with a flyer from someone who was looking for a comic book artist to collaborate with. After submitting several samples of his work, Theo was given the opportunity to work on the debut issues of a few comic books from Blue Corn Comics. He penciled the debut issues for Masked Men and Peace Party. His artwork was also published in Phil Yea’s Winged Tiger series.

It was while working on Peace Party that Theo decided that it was time to give Captain Paiute another go. So, he started working on updating and further developing the story and adventures of Captain Paiute: Indigenous Defender of the Southwest.
Comment:  Thanks for the shout-out, Theo.

Stay tuned for the Captain Paiute/Peace Party team-up, now in progress!

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