October 26, 2015

Three Feathers gets recognition

Some recent Native comic-book news:

Funding in place for Fort Smith’s next Van Camp film

By Craig GilbertThe world’s happiest man is from Fort Smith. Richard Van Camp is knee-deep in creative work, muscling as many as three more of his graphic novels into live action films.

Blanket of Butterflies, The Blue Raven and Three Feathers are all set in Fort Smith and Van Camp wants to film them in the NWT border town as early as this coming spring with local filmmaker Carla Ulrich directing.

Three Feathers is inspired by the true story of three young men caught breaking into houses, Van Camp’s family home among them. In reality, they were sentenced to two years each in prison in the south, but the story imagines that they were instead sent to spend nine months on the land.

“We’re so good at sending people down south for two years every single time,” Van Camp said from his home in Edmonton. “What if we put them on the land with qualified instructors and elders, and what if we trusted them with responsibility; helped them learn their language and their culture, what it means to be a man, a provider and a young warrior today, a protector? The rest of the story seemed very easy.”
Wordcraft Circle Honors and AwardsWordcraft Circle is proud to announce the winners for the 2015 Honors and Awards! The winners were selected from an open nomination process and awarded by a panel of Wordcraft Circle members, scholars, writers, and storytellers. These awards are dedicated solely to the work and words of Native and Indigenous writers and storytellers.

Graphic Novel
Three Feathers–Richard Van Camp

Trade Paperback
Super Indian Vol. 2–Arigon Starr

Comic Book
We Speak In Secret–Roy Boney Jr.

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