January 08, 2007

Payback, Inuit style

“Qallunaat:  Why White People Are Funny”...Gutsy Look Through Inuit EyesWe’re taken into the sterile walls of the Qallunaat Studies Institute. Earnest lab techs and scientists, sporting “QSI” caps, escort an Aryan looking teen to an exam room where he finds another unwitting patient; once inside both are meticulously jabbed and studied, even submitting to facial measurements. The older specimen, haplessly, has his face pressed onto a photocopier for a quick image.

Welcome to satirical payback, Inuit style.

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Ah, finally another recommended film that writerfella put on his list of must-see. Hopefully, it will be a lot more well-accomplished than was, say, WHITE MAN'S BURDEN.
Which brings to mind the time that writerfella met Jane Goodall. He was taking a third-level Anthropology course at Oklahoma University and one of the texts was Goodall's IN THE SHADOW OF MAN, about her chimpanzee researches. And the university's speaker bureau managed to obtain her services for a half day as she traveled between the Univ/Colorado and the Univ/Texas. The auditorium was filled to its 4,000 seat capacity and Jane Goodall spoke both plainly and brilliantly about man's place in earth's ecology alongside those of his parallel relatives, the great apes.
Naturally, a line of people wishing autographs formed onstage after her speech and writerfella with his friend Robert Ogborn were right in their midst. As we moved closer to her, it was obvious that Jane Goodall was both gracious and bored by the procession of people and books that went past the table where she sat. writerfella has done the same at sci-fi conventions and so he knows. BUT --
When writerfella's turn came, Jane Goodall glanced up briefly and took the book, then sat back and smiled and reached out to shake writerfella's hand, and asked his name and where he was from, and definitely tried to keep writerfella there in front of her. Then she signed the book, shook his hand again, then kept leaning out to watch writerfella as he waited for his friend. When Bob and writerfella walked down from the stage, he said, "Boy, she sure was interested in YOU!"
And writerfella said, "Think about it. It's her job. She's an anthropologist, and here comes an American Indian. It's sorta like you seeing a whole line of McDonald's hamburgers go by in front of you and then all of a sudden, here comes a platter of steak and onion rings. I think I made her evening, 'cause I know she made mine!"
All Best
Russ Bates