October 06, 2007

Blood buckets and dismembered dolls

Protests disrupt Co. Columbus Day paradeProtesters blocked the city's Columbus Day parade route Saturday, pouring a bucket filled with fake blood and dismembered baby dolls onto the street as police arrested 83 people.

At least 10 people face charges of resisting arrest, but most are accused of blocking a parade route or interfering with peaceful assembly, Denver Police spokesman Sonny Jackson said. No serious injuries were reported.

Among those arrested Saturday were American Indian Movement activist Russell Means and Glenn Morris, an associate professor of political science at the University of Colorado. They did not immediately return messages.
Parade greeted by protestsOne again, a predictablly pathetic display of ignorance and stupidity. Would you expect anything less from this antisocial crowd of malcontents? Russell Means and his crowd of morons are perpetual human waste. If these imbeciles don't like America or Columbus, then why not try 83 one-way tickets to Havana.

Posted by Hank (aka Hank Riehl)
at 4:12 PM on Saturday Oct 6

Are Russell Means and his 83 braves all members of the famous "Lost Fugawi Tribe?"

Posted by Hank (aka Hank Riehl)
at 4:17 PM on Saturday Oct 6

I think the indians need to quit crying about how Columbus commited Genocide. If you are not strong enough to protect your land then you dont deserve to have it. Whats next are the jews going to protest aginst christmass. GET OVER IT YOU LOST! GO BACK TO YOUR RESERVATIONS.


Posted by Travis Nicoletti (aka tnicoletti)
at 4:22 PM on Saturday Oct 6

italian americans are the foundation of this country. More italian americans fought in WW2 than any other ethnic group. Name one good thing a Indian has done for this country that can compare to the many things Italian American people have done. If you dont like this country for what it is, then leave.

Posted by Travis Nicoletti (aka tnicoletti)
at 4:58 PM on Saturday Oct 6
Comment:  How nice of the commenters to prove the protesters' point--namely, that the pro-paraders are racists.


writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
And another point is that such people speak with the same emotions and the exact same mindset and vocabulary and seeming intelligence level, which must be a consequence of surviving an empire that fell so many times it had whiplash and bad knees...
All Best
Russ Bates

Anonymous said...

O, so since Columbus came here and killed and raped everyone while discovering something that people already knew about and being so stupid as to think it was India he should get his own day...wow. I programmed my cd player while driving to Wal-Mart but I didn't hit anyone, next time I will and maybe I'll get my own day too.