October 10, 2007

Codetalker statue at Arizona capitol

Code Talkers to be immortalizedSixty-five years ago they spoke a wartime code so complex it was never broken, but the 430 Navajo warriors known as the Code Talkers remain largely unrecognized.

More than a half-century after they fought in World War II, this group of Navajo Marines finally will have a place of honor among other veterans memorials.

The Navajo Nation Tribal Council voted last month to appropriate $200,000 to the Navajo Code Talkers Memorial Foundation to place a monument at Wesley Bolin Plaza, a memorial park in front of the Arizona State Capitol. The 8-foot bronze statue is a replica of the one standing in Window Rock, Ariz., and is expected to be in place by January.
Comment:  Not to be too contrary, but are the codetalkers really lacking in recognition at this point? After all, they have medals, statues, holidays, even a GI Joe named after them.

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