October 03, 2007

Friday is Tanka Bar Day

Buffalo-cranberry energy bars to debut at powwow

Mayor Alan Hanks declares Friday "Tanka Bar Day" in Rapid CityRapid City Mayor Alan Hanks has declared Friday "Tanka Bar Day" in Rapid City.

Hunter and Tilsen also hope to take Tanka Bars to the world, through TankaBar.com, and Tanka Bars even have a My Space page.

For the initial rollout, however, Hunter and Tilsen will focus on marking to the Native American community. They handed out 2,000 bars at the National Indian Health Board meeting in Portland, Ore., where, coincidentally, Nike unveiled its Native Air N7 athletic shoe. They've taken the bars to a big powwow in Southern California. They're using the state loan to make 17,000 phone calls to potential customers, including retailers and Native health programs.

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