October 06, 2007

Here come de judge!

Creative Spirit 2007 Script-to-Screen Winners AnnouncedThe judging committee for this year's Creative Spirit short script contest has rendered its final verdict. This year the winning short scripts are ANCESTOR EYES by Kalani Queypo (Blackfeet/Hawaiian) and TWO SPIRITS, ONE JOURNEY by Shawn Imitates Dog (Oglala Lakota).

The judging committee this year consisted of entertainment industry professionals and members of the Native community, including Emmy-award winning director Arthur Allan Seidelman, producer Roberta Pacino, journalist/critic Robert Schmidt, producer
Brian Wescott, producer Julie Marsh, Chairman of American Indians in Film and Television Mark Reed, filmmaker Ian Skorodin, Southern California Indian Center Executive Director Paula Starr, SCIC Education Coordinator Barbara Arvi, and InterTribal Entertainment producer Angela Koenen.
Comment:  The two winning scripts were among the ones I read. I voted for one but not for the other. We'll see if the final films live up to the scripts--or surpass them.

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