November 17, 2007

LaDuke, Ford, and Pocahontas

LaDuke calls for renewed fight for human rights

Former Green VP candidate wants better treatment of Native AmericansLaDuke said Native American people have been trivialized by U.S. culture, citing the use of Native American mascots and the popularity of Pocahontas Halloween costumes.

"We do not exist as full human beings," she said. "We exist as caricatures."

She also referenced the senior honor society formerly known as Michigamua and its appropriation of Native American culture in its rituals. Earlier this year, the group changed its name to the Order of Angell and registered as a University student group. The group agreed to stop using Native American artifacts in its rituals in 1989.
Comment:  President Ford's membership in a secret society that caricatured Indians is another "strange coupling" that beats the NIGA/Hulk Hogan deal.

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