November 25, 2007

Nakai Tha Blkcrow

Talent to crow overVanegas, of Mexican and Navajo descent, says his dreams have brought him knowledge since childhood.

When he was 21, he realized it was time to pursue his dream to become a hip-hop artist, to educate people about his culture through the medium Ice Cube called the radio of the streets.

Nakai means Mexican in Navajo, so he became Nakai Tha Blkcrow with a mission to spread Native hip-hop in songs such as "Lightning Strikes."

"In '95, I came out as an artist," he said in a booth at Flaherty's Bar and Grill. "I had the epiphany to be Nakai Tha Blkcrow.

"I camped out over night, looking for a vision or something. There was a thunder storm--and that's where the 'Lightning (Strikes)' comes from--and there was just a crow there the whole time."

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