November 29, 2007

A Native Shylock

Indian Comics Irregular #163:  Graham Greene, Shakespearean


Rob said...

An e-mail from a correspondent. I've edited the punctuation slightly but not the spelling or capitalization:

HAKAME' isnt it beautiful in the midst of overshadowing purposefully European culture that a MAN other than them can shine so brightly that only positive and monumental words can be spoke about him....i am happy for the success of another i dont know but a person i do....he represents all of us and we should support him to the fullest....and support you for keeping an honest outlook on social standings pertaining to the PEOPLE....thanx for the update.

Rob said...

Another e-mail from a smart-aleck correspondent:

You realize, of course, that some Mormons will seize upon Graham's playing a Jew as proof the Native Americans are their ancestors.