December 10, 2008

Cherokee baby on Parents cover

Cherokee baby wins magazine cover contestCherokee citizen Trevor Fowler, who recently made the top five in a cover photo contest for “Parents” magazine, was recently chosen as the winner of that contest.

As the magazine’s November issue hit the racks around the country, Trevor’s mom, Amanda, found it hard to believe her 15-month-old son will be seen by millions of people.

“I would have never dreamed he would win out of 86,000 babies. It’s the most amazing feeling seeing him on the cover of the magazine in the stores,” she said. “Since the magazine hit the shelves, every time I go to a store with magazines, I go by and look at his. It’s crazy knowing his face is all over the United States.”
Comment:  I think I can safely say that this Cherokee baby is as cute as any other baby. ;-)

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