December 09, 2008

Why Breaking Dawn sucks

'Twilight':  10 reasons 'Breaking Dawn' should not be made into a movieWith "Twilight" having banked $70.55 million in its first weekend of release, Summit Entertainment has already snatched up rights to the next two books in Meyer’s saga, “New Moon” and “Eclipse,” and is negotiating for the series-ending “Breaking Dawn.” Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward, has said he's only signed up to star in the next two films, and the fourth book has had little mention in the media when it comes to reports concerning "Twilight" as a movie franchise.

Perhaps the powers that be are figuring out a way to end the movie series as a trilogy.

Why? Because whether you loved or hated it, “Breaking Dawn” poses more than a few problems for the big screen. Even barring the very divided reaction from Meyer’s fan base over the final book, “Breaking Dawn” contains several head-scratching scenes and themes.
In addition to the imprinting business we've discussed before, there's this gem:While Bella is bedridden, trying to keep alive the half-human, half-vampire baby eating its way through her belly, we get this choice scene in which a desperate Edward begs Jacob to offer Bella the latter’s baby-making services. (I guess half-werewolf, half-human babies are safer?) If you’d blocked that moment, here it is:

“I don’t care about anything but keeping her alive,” he said, suddenly focused now. “If it’s a child she wants, she can have it. She can have half a dozen babies. Anything she wants.” He paused for one beat. “She can have puppies if that’s what it takes.”

That's right. He said "puppies."
Comment:  Thanks for revealing how wolf-like your Indian character is, Stephenie Meyer. Or rather, thanks for revealing how dog-like he is. Is there a scene where he goes to the bathroom on a bunch of newspapers, too?

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Below:  "Heck, I'd love to have a litter of puppies with Bella!"


dmarks said...

In the context of the books, the Edward is always making desparaging dog/puppy insults of Jacob, when they are rivals and also later when they are friends. Jacob is always making bloodsucker/leech insults of Edward (also when they are rivals and also later when they are friends).

modest-goddess said...

Breaking Dawn is a horrible book. The pacing is bad, the story is anticlimactic, and the author throws away her entire canon in order to create an impossibly easy/happy ending.
Not to mention the fact that the character Jacob imprints/falls in love with his former love interests newborn daughter. We are told the daughter is a half human half vampire genius who is growing super fast and will reach physical maturity at 7. In other words she will be a child bride to Jacob. Incredibly creepy.

dmarks said...

I read them all in one fast run with no breaks in between. It is hard for me to evaluate them separately. But I do agree that things were tied up too "neatly". And isn't Renesmee an awful chimera of a name?

Melissa said...

I've read all the books and have to agree with Dmarks about the dog/puppy insults to Jacob, and like Dmarks said, Jacob would call Edward bloodsucker/leech throughout the books even after they became friends.

Rob said...

Yes, well, "bloodsucker" and "leech" aren't ethnic slurs because anyone can become a vampire. But "dog" and "puppy" are ethnic slurs because only Indians can become werewolves.

Also, "bloodsucker" and "leech" don't strike me as especially offensive because they're more or less accurate. But to call a human wolf a "puppy" is clearly belittling.

Team Blackwater said...

Breaking Dawn is possible the worse book I have ever read. It contains Pedophilia, men trying to rent their wives to other men like she's a movie and unnecessary crap. About half way through the Jacob book he's comparing himself to Leah so it leads people on like their going to get together and I thought that would be great, since I love both Jacob and Leah and I think they would have been a great pair. Both went through heart break and both hated imprinting. Then Jacob imprint on a BABY! I was so mad, but I was in class so I could do anything stupid (ha-ha). Anyways, I can understand one guy imprinting on a young, young child, but two? Really? Does Stephenie Meyer find pedophilia attractive or something? What a disapointing book. I've seen better Fanfiction by amature writters and she's a professional. Plus Renesmee is a ugly name, doesn't even look like how its spelled...I would never put my kid through that embarressment...

B said...

I HATED Breaking Dawn
I also found the name calling and comments made by edward/other vamps completly harsh, when Jacob/wolf pack members said those things like leech or whatever it didnt seem as belittling. the vampires had so much hate in regards to the Indian characters. even edward hated Billy Black in twilight for some reason that was never addressed. and billy isnt even apart of the wolf pack. and you can see it in the fans. I dont want to turn everything into a race issue. by the way Im African American and I guess people say we are overly sensitive about racial issues, but seriously most Twi fans are white and they love the white "vampires"(even if they are evil and have attempted to kill the main character of the book), but Hate the ethnic Native characters with a passion!!!

if you ask me these books try to subtly perpetuate racism.