December 01, 2008

Writing for Newspaper Rock

I welcome people, especially Native people, to share their thoughts in this blog. I'm glad whenever someone offers a novel perspective in the comments section. In fact, sometimes the comments are more interesting or insightful than my original postings. ;-)

Now consider this: Instead of posting your thoughts as comments, e-mail them to me. If I think they'll work as standalone blog items, I'll post them with your byline. I'll link them back to the original postings, so you won't lose the commenting effect. This will add diversity to my blog and expose your writing to more people.

Whenever I'm writing a comment and it starts approaching 5-6 paragraphs, I start thinking about whether it would work as a standalone blog item. As you've seen in the Johnny Depp and Twilight debates, I'll continue a thread by posting a new item on the subject rather than commenting on an old item. I encourage you to think along these lines too.

A caveat: Sometimes I'm slow to respond to my e-mail. If you don't hear from me in a few days, you can go ahead and post the item as a comment. But if you wait, many of your comments will end up as standalone blog items. More people will read and appreciate them that way.

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