October 22, 2009

Jana the museum ambassador

Jana will be Goodwill Ambassador for TIMOTCADuring her performance she introduced the co-founders of The International Museum of 21st Century Arts, (TIMOTCA) Ed Solomon and Maryann Del Pizzo and announced her acceptance as Goodwill Ambassador for TIMOTCA, offering her support for its American Indian Founding Circle of Angels Membership Campaign.

Adding her name to TIMOTCA’s Goodwill Ambassadors, including former artist, actor and activist, Floyd “Red Crow” Westerman and Emmy award-winning actress Shohreh Aghdashloo, Jana hopes to raise awareness and increase membership in TIMOTCA’s American Indian Circle of Angels.

The museum is an international nonprofit corporation founded in 1980 to foster peace and cultural understanding through the Universal Language of Art and to establish the world’s first global cultural center representing the visual and performing arts of some 300 countries and cultures of the world.
Comment:  I assume belonging to the Circle of Angels means you give money to the museum.

For more on Jana, see The 2009 NAMMY Winners and Jana Reborn as R&B Singer.

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