October 30, 2009

Manhattan surfer "chief" sells costumes

I haven't seen too many reports on Indian costumes for Halloween this year, but here's one someone sent me:

Real America with Abe Sauer:  New York is Also RacistI did a little Halloween costume shopping at the New York Costumes superstore on 11th street and Broadway. And keeping with the recent theme of Halloween costumes for racists and bigots (and their dogs), I found the perfect costume: Chief Culturally Insensitive.

But look, it's all fine because he's just helping shoppers identify the section with the store's robust offering of Halloween costumes for people who want to dress as Sexy Indian Girl or Super Mohawk, or who want their children to learn more about American Indian culture.

As a non-New Yorker who often finds his place of residence on the business end of East Coast liberal scorn, it's almost satisfying to know that Manhattanites are also clueless. Almost.

—Abe Sauer
Comment:  Let's see...a half-naked man with braids, warpaint, a bear-claw necklace, a pot belly, a knotted rope on his arm, and a "hang loose" surfer sign. This mannequin doesn't quite make sense. I wonder if he was something else before he became a stereotypical Indian.

For more on the subject, see The Big Chief.

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