October 16, 2009

Preview of Kissed by Lightning

Kissed by LightningKissed By Lightning, the feature film directorial debut of celebrated Mohawk filmmaker and visual artist, Shelley Niro (The Shirt, Honey Moccasin) The film is based on a screenplay written by Niro. Kissed By Lightning stars Kateri Walker (Missionary Man, Blueberry, The Scarlet Letter), Eric Schweig (Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, One Dead Indian) Rachelle White Wind (XIII), and Michael Greyeyes (Passchendaele) and was filmed on location in the Hamilton Region Conservation Centres in Ontario, Canada. The twelve painting series of ‘Peacemaker’s Journey’ are all the work of Shelley Niro.SynopsisMavis Dogblood is a Mohawk painter. She has been living in a world of memories and grief. Her husband Jessie Lightning vanished before her eyes in a thunder-storm. This has left her lost and absent from the world. She has just started to paint again. She paints stories of the Iroquois Peacemaker, stories Jessie used to tell her. Not only to help pay the bills now but to keep his memory of him close to her.

The new man in her life, Bug, patiently waits for her to resolve her emotional struggle. Too complicate the scene, Jessies’s first family, ex-wife Kateri and 12 year old son Zeus have moved into their house next door. On the way to New York City to exhibit her paintings, Mavis stops to finally meet Jessie’s grandmother Josephine. Here she finds peace of mind and peace of heart.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see The Song of Hiawatha and The Best Indian Movies.

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