December 17, 2011

Video on Native werewolves

A video shows Indians shapeshifting into wolves in several movies and TV shows.  It notes how stereotypical this is; it links Indians to the past and makes their alleged "savagery" explicit.

Native American Horror Show

No doubt we could come up with more examples of Indians changing into wolves.  For instance, in the TV series Smallville.  And that doesn't include all the examples of Indians changing into Wendigos and other monsters and demons.

For more on Indians and werewolves, see PEACE PARTY Political Cartoon: Twilight and Indians as Werewolves and Spacemen. For more on the subject in general, see Native Things that Go Bump in the Night.


Anonymous said...

Did you have to post that furry in a loincloth? Seriously.

dmarks said...

All in the name of fanservice, Rule 64, and Mary-Sue.

Anonymous said...

Um, you mean Rule 34. (There is porn of it. No exceptions.) I don't even remember Rule 64, and the Rules of the Internet wiki's down for me to look it up.

Basically I have a problem with Twilight because 1) it's racist and sexist, 2) we actually take these Twilight fangirls seriously rather than condemning them to that realm of loserdom that any male who had even one of the fetishes touched on in Twilight would (rightly) go, 3) the writing's on par with a porn movie, and 4) Twilight fans are possibly the easiest people in the world to troll. All you have to say is "I haven't read the book." and they pretty soon start calling you a Nazi. (By the way, that meme is called Godwin's law.)