November 29, 2011

PEACE PARTY political cartoon:  Twilight

Comment:  For more on the Twilight, see "Multi-ethnic" Jones on Twilight and Gyasi Ross on Breaking Dawn.


Anonymous said...

You mean Indians don't all look like we go to the gym eight hours a day? Noes!!!

The hilarious part about Twilight is that I was at Comic Con, and Twilight fangirls were all cliquey, like they engaged in the ritual "I'm less geeky than you" attitude. Then you consider that it has all the clichés of Rule 34. ("There is porn of it. No exceptions.") We have furries (Jacob), vampirism of sorts (emphasis on "of sorts"; remember when vampires represented seduction?), loli (again, Jacob), an ethnic fetish (*sigh* Jacob, again), and a Mary Sue.

And people say women can't be perverts.

Jaine said...

I'm a teacher in NZ and some of my kids (age 9 and 10) all went to the latest movie for a birthday party. A couple of them were intrigued when I said it was sexist, racist rubbish. I found the truth vs twilight website for them and they read it. Sowing seeds hopefully.

Anonymous said...

I think Anon 1 is the same one loaded with buzzwords no one else uses (mary sue, rule 34, and fan service all run together as a single word).