November 03, 2011

Kardashian's mom hates "an Indian giver"

The latest offense from the Kardashian clan:

Kris Jenner on Kim's ring:  'I hate an Indian giver'

By Ann OldenburgAmid all the muddy divorce details, there's still the question of that big piece of bling, the engagement ring Kris Humphries gave Kim Karadashian.

It was said to be priced at $2 million, although Kim's mom, Kris Jenner, said in an interview Wednesday it was worth "less than half that."

Now, there's buzz that Humphries has asked for the ring back. Kim hasn't said what she'll do with it, but this morning on Good Morning America, Jenner, on to promote her book, was asked about it.

Her response? "I hate an Indian giver. It's a gift, you know."
Some background on the phrase from Indian Country Today:

Kim Kardashian’s Mom ‘Hates an Indian Giver’By 1838, evidence that the term had evolved into a playground insult can be found in the New-York Mirror on June 23 in an article discussing school children: “Among them are distinct species of crimes and virtues. I have seen the finger pointed at the Indian giver. (One who gives a present and demands it back again.)”

The term shows up again in 1860 in John Russell Bartlett’s Dictionary of Americanisms: “When an Indian gives any thing, he expects to receive an equivalent, or to have his gift returned. This term is applied by children to a child who, after having given away a thing, wishes to have it back again.”
Adrienne Keene provides more background. Her conclusion:

Kris Jenner uses the term "Indian Giver"Basically, I think we can all agree that it's probably not the best term to use to describe a negative act, considering it stereotypes Indians as deceitful and un-generous (not generous?), which, if you've ever been in a Native community, is about the farthest thing from the truth. Ever heard of giveaways? or potlatches?

The Kardashians don't exactly have an awesome track record with sensitivity towards Native issues. Khloe wore a headdress a few months ago, twice, and for Dancing with the Stars on Halloween, Kourtney (and Mason, her son) wore Indian costumes. Though they claim Native heritage (vomit).
NCAI Statement on Kris Jenner’s Use of ‘Indian Giver’ Calls for Observance of Native American Heritage MonthJacqueline Johnson Pata, Executive Director of the National Congress of American Indians, has released the following statement on Kris Jenner’s use of the phrase “Indian giver” on Good Morning America:Once again American Indians and Alaska Natives have been misrepresented by a single misinformed statement. Native American people serve in our country’s military at disproportionate rates, are respected business leaders, citizens of the United States, members of Congress, professional athletes, musicians, teachers and active participants in civic life.

The phrase “Indian giving” is wrong and hurtful. The cultural values of Native Americans are based on giving unconditionally and empowering those around them. Instead this cultural value is forgotten when negative stereotyping of Native people occurs.

November is Native American Heritage Month and this moment calls for a reflection on the contributions of America’s first peoples to this great country. There are over 5 million US citizens identified as American Indians or Alaska Natives and 565 federally recognized tribal nations. This November we’re focused on celebrating 1.7 million Native youth under the age of 18 that face many challenges. There are many hopeful solutions and we invite the Jenner and Kardashian family to join with the country in learning more during Native American Heritage Month.
Comment:  For more on the Kardashians, see Khloe Kardashian Thinks She's Native and Khloe Kardashian in a Headdress. For more on "Indian giver," see Indians = Philanthropists, Not Socialists and Simpson Really an Indian?

Below:  Kris Jenner on Good Morning America.


Tom Cotrel said...

"she claims Native heritage (vomit)"

Boo hoo. Now you know how the Armenians feel.

Rob said...

For more on the subject, see:

What Do the Kardashians Have Against Indians?

Anonymous said...

Eh, Tom? Um, wouldn't a better example of "how the Armenians feel" be that the entire planet has forgotten what the Turks did to them in the early 20th century? (For the record, America and Israel have been involved in the willful ignorance, to get in good with Turkey. It's actually illegal in Turkey to say that a bunch of Turks killed a bunch of Armenians in the early 20th century, and denial of the Armenian genocide was actually one of the first modern spams.)

Of course, I doubt there are that many Indians in Turkey. Probably none during Atatürk's day.

Now why is a lawyer trolling?

Rob said...

Tom follows my postings on Facebook. He's Armenian himself, so he probably hates how the Kardashians have become the face of Armenian Americans. And he's spoken about how the US has ignored the Turkish genocide in Armenia.