November 06, 2011

Abramoff calls "Redskins" an insult

Disgraced Former Lobbyist and Criminal Jack Abramoff Finds ‘Redskins’ Name OffensiveYou know you’ve got problems when even a notorious criminal who had an astounding lack of morals and zero ethics thinks you’re being offensive.

Former lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who went from being one of the most powerful, shameless players in backroom D.C. politics to serving four years in the minimum-security prison camp of Federal Correctional Institution in Cumberland, Maryland, has a new book out in which he rips into Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder for the team’s hideous nickname.
What Abramoff wrote:“Although the Choctaws had long ago assured me that a team named the Redskins didn’t bother them, I figured I would take a shot a trying to undo this insult. In my letter to Snyder, I asked him how we would feel if the New York team were called the Jew Boys, or worse. Moreover, I knew that all Native Americans resented the use of the feathered headdress in the team band’s uniform. I asked how he would feel if the New York Jew Boys band had a uniform of black hats and prayer shawls. I further argued that, were he to make this change now, he would immediately establish himself as a moral leader in our nation’s capital, and garner the respect of those who were likely to look askance on him.

“Snyder called me within hours of receiving the letter, and reviewed each point with me. He was kind and gracious, not the imperious brat the media had portrayed him to be. He said that he sympathized with my points about the team’s name, but he had been a Redskins fan since he was a kid, and he couldn’t bring himself to change it. His business acumen led many to think he was only a cold-hearted, cutthroat shark, but he was nothing but decent, honest and straightforward with me. A few seasons later, I was given first choice of the new suites in the former press section and our expenditures at FedEx Field grew exponentially.”
Comment:  Sounds like Snyder knows the "Redskins" name is offensive but refuses to change it for sentimental reasons. In other words, he's a selfish bastard who puts his feelings ahead of others'. In other words, he's a typical American using his white privilege to defend his immoral choices.

For more on the Redskins, see Racist Redskins Had Racist Owner and Critics Slam Snyder's Hypocrisy.


Anonymous said...

Remember, this is coming from a guy that repeatedly referred to Native Americans as "monkeys", "troglodites" and "morons."

Abramoff once asked his co-conspirator Scanlon to meet a client, saying in an email, "I have to meet with the monkeys from the Choctaw tribal council. You need to close the deal... with the client..."

About one tribal client, Abramoff wrote, "These mofos are the stupidest idiots in the land for sure."

In another email message he wrote, "we need to get some money from those monkeys!"

Where you find importance in what Abramhoff says anymore is kind of like paying heed to Dick Cheney now when Bush and he, took the money and ran?

Anonymous said...

Man, it's weird to be on Abramoff's side. Since Abramoff scammed Indians and then played the victim, OJ-style.

Rob said...

It's more of a curiosity than anything important, Anonymous #1.

Good point about Abramoff's anti-Indian slurs. Compared to them, his intervention in the "Redskins" case doesn't carry much weight.