November 29, 2011

Tipis in the Occupy movement

Occupy Oakland's Battle of the Teepee

By Bob PattersonOn the afternoon of Tuesday, November 29, 2011, Lone Wolf, a Native American, was initially thwarted in an effort to erect a teepee on Frank Ogawa Plaza, site of the Occupy Oakland protest.

After repeated conferences between protesters, a lawyer, police and city officials a permit was issued for a teepee to be erected adjacent to the Plaza with restrictions.
Occupy Lincoln's tipi was a safety concern for city

By Jordan PascaleLincoln police, the city and Occupy Lincoln have smoothed over concerns about an 18-foot tipi erected at the encampment on Centennial Mall last week.

On Saturday, police asked for it to be taken down because they didn't want it to blow over on someone during the gusty weekend.

Police Chief Jim Peschong said he was concerned because of the size.

"We'd hate to have the large wooden poles crash onto a pedestrian or another tent," he said.

The three groups met for a half hour Monday, and Occupy Lincoln assured officials the tipi is safe because it is anchored in the middle and the canvas is staked down.

"It's impossible to tip that cone over," said owner Bill Hawkins, who has set up his tipi at the Nebraska State Fair, schools and other community events. "These things survived prairie winters and plains winds for hundreds of years."
Comment:  I imagine the tipis symbolize the obvious connection between Wall Street controlling the American economy and WASPs controlling the American landscape.

For more on Indians and the Occupy movement, see Occupiers Join National Day of Mourning and Occupy Denver Joins Columbus Protest.

Below:  "Lone Wolf starts work on teepee constructed adjacent to Frank Ogawa Plaza."

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