November 17, 2011

Russell Brand as an "Indian savage"

Englishman Russell Brand and Others Play Indian for Katy Perry’s BirthdaySinger Katy Perry’s recent birthday party had a “Wild West” theme, and where there’s ironic cowboys and cowgirls you’re bound to find ironic Indians. Many guests went all out-with their costumes, including Perry’s husband, the British comedian and actor Russell Brand, who wore a full breastplate, though other faux natives were a bit less committed to the idea.Comment:  Brand is wearing arpaint, a breastplate, a loincloth, a knife scabbard, perhaps a gun holster, and a dreamcatcher. Other than that, he's almost naked under the costume. It's clear he's supposed to be a savage Indian warrior.

His wife Katy Perry is dressed as a cowgirl pointing a gun at him. That sends an obvious message to Brand's and Perry's impressionable young fans. It's the same message we've been telling people for 500 years: "Kill the Indian because he's a savage. The predatory beast 'whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions,' is worthless and must die."

For more on the subject, see Tribalism Is Trendy and Rachel Zoe as an "Indian Warrior."

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